Top 7 Prestige Cars of 2017

Who buys prestige vehicles?

When you think about prestige vehicles, there may be a few brands or models that spring straight into your mind. However, for the majority of people, the thought of actually being able to own one of these vehicles is nothing but a dream – as it is no secret that they come with a hefty price tag. For this reason, it is interesting to think about exactly what kinds of people would buy prestige cars – and how it is possible for them.

Lottery winners

Many people think about what they would do if they won the lottery, and the first thing that many think about is going out to buy a brand new car. A prestige vehicle is right at the top of some people’s wish lists, and this can account for a proportion of the vehicles that are purchased in this category.


Many people who work in the world of business will have luxury vehicles, and there are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that those who are high up in the business world are likely to have higher rates of pay than most people – and this means that such cars are more accessible to them than they might be to other people. The second reason is that it is always important that businesspeople are able to make a good impression on those who they choose to do business with – and turning up to a meeting in a prestige vehicle is a great way to do this. It can make them look successful even before the meeting begins, and this could help to bring a more positive outcome.


There are many people who collect older prestige vehicles, and they may take them to shows, or enjoy working on them in order to return them back to their former glory. Although this applies more to the older models than newer ones, collectors do still make up a large portion of people who choose to buy prestige models. There are also many clubs for owners of certain cars, and this means that it can be very much like a social event, too.

Retired people

Many people save money for their retirement, and if they have done a good job of it over the years, then they may find that they have a certain amount of money that they are able to spend on whatever they like. For many people, a brand new car is something that they haven’t been able to enjoy up until now, and suddenly they find themselves with money that doesn’t need to be spent on anything else. For that reason, lots of retired people find themselves in the position of being able to splash out more than ever before.

If you feel as though you would like to own a prestige car, then you may often feel as though they are out of reach. However, there is always hope that you will one day fall into one of the above categories, and this means that the car of your dreams is yours for the taking.