How It Works

If you want to sell your car in Staines it only takes three easy steps to sell your vehicle! All you have to do is contact us on Jane 07434100714 Mark 07747555680 Or fill out our quote form. We will collect certain information on your vehicle and then provide you with a quote. We can meet you in Staines or a place in Surrey suitable for you within one hour of accepting your quotation from Best Trade Buyers

We can be with you within one hour!

After you have accepted the quotation and chosen to sell your vehicle we can be with you within one hour if your within Best Trade Buyers 1 hour sale catchment area. Not to worry if you are not as we can be with you in a maximum 3 hours if your further out

With over 30or more years of experience in the motor trade we will buy left hand drives, 4×4 vans, insurance write offs, MOT failures and non runners. If you have any inquiries and want more information Contact Us and find out what we can do for you.